CSOR Moving to West Virginia University


The Knee Center for the Study of Occupational Regulation (CSOR) is moving its base of operations from Saint Francis to West Virginia University.

The CSOR Program was established in 2016 and provides information to citizens, policymakers and researchers about various issues within the sphere of occupational regulation. The founder of the center, Ed Timmons, decided to move the center’s operations to Morgantown, West Virginia, in order to reach more students and expand the reach of the program.

At Saint Francis, the center connected with many undergraduate students through its fellowship program. Many of the students in this program appreciated the opportunities provided by CSOR.

It gave them a chance to see elements of the U.S. business sector in a different light, while also providing them with valuable networking opportunities.

“I’m really glad I decided to join,” said former Communications major Urska Medvesek, who was a part of the program for almost three years and is now a graduate student at King University in Bristol, Tennessee. “It was a great networking opportunity and I got to know more about occupational regulation.

“Being a part of a program that achieved nation-wide recognition was an amazing experience.”

CSOR provided plenty of hand-on opportunities for students interested in economics, public policy and research.

“CSOR introduced me to a whole new perspective of research and getting to see my work published across the U.S. was such a rewarding accomplishment,” said Yanessa Shabbick, a senior accounting and marketing major and former CSOR fellow.