Money Wars Continue in Athletics Department


The Athletics Department is participating in the annual Northeast Conference/Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Money Wars. All of the varsity sports teams on campus are involved in this annual competition.

The NEC, in conjunction with member schools’ SAAC organizations, started the Money Wars competition in 2010.

Each year, all NEC schools sponsors two specific fundraising projects – one in the fall and one in the spring. In the fall, all the schools in the league conduct on-campus food drives.

In the spring, the member schools go head-to-head in a Money Wars competition.

“We are blessed to work with an amazing organization in Seedz 4 Needz, which has made a tremendous impact locally and nationally,” said John Krimmel, the Senior Associate Director of Athletics for Student-Athlete and Leadership Development.

Seedz 4 Needz was founded by Jakob Zernick. Jakob was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at 8 years old. After receiving treatment at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, he wanted to make a difference for some of the other patients that he met at Children’s Hospital.

That is how the Seeds 4 Needz charity was launched.

Zernick and his family are also avid fans and supporters of Red Flash Athletics.

In 2022, SFU won the NEC Money Wars for the fourth year in a row, raising more than $7,000.

The NEC raised more than $16,000, collectively, in last year’s Money Wars.