Thomas Named Director of Graduate Business Programs


Haley Thomas has been named the Director of Graduate Business Programs at the University.

She succeeds Nicole Bauman, who worked for 17 years with the business programs at SFU.

Thomas completed requirements for undergraduate degrees in Strategic Communications, Digital Media and Marketing at Saint Francis in 2020 and graduated with her MBA from the University in 2021.

“I remember my first day on campus (on the job),” said Thomas. “I was like ‘this is great. I am back home. I am working with the people I really enjoy spending time with.’

“I had great relationships with all of my professors during my time here.”

Thomas participated in many extracurricular activities as an undergraduate student. She was a member of the women’s basketball team for four years, serving as captain for two and earning All-Northeast Conference honors in the 2018-19 season.

She was also a staff writer for the Troubadour and served as a Student-Athlete-Mentor.

After Thomas earned her MBA from SFU in 2021, she worked with Vision Together 2025 as this company’s Marketing and Events Manager. Vision Together 2025 is a nonprofit organization working to revitalize the Johnstown region’s professional and recreational opportunities.

“I looked at students who graduated from our programs for the position and Haley was one of the people I thought of,” said Randy Frye, Dean of the Shields School of Business.

“I’ve hired a lot of people that have undergraduate and graduate degrees from Saint Francis,” said Frye. “I believe in our students and I believe in our educational products.”

Thomas said that building relationships during your college years is key in any career because you never know when they could lead to an opportunity.

“I had Dr. Frye for my first marketing class here and then I had him for one of my MBA classes,” said Thomas. “Creating those relationships with your professors while you are at school is super important.

“It helped me to be here today.”

Frye is looking forward to working with Thomas to position SFU’s graduate business programs for immediate and long-term success.

“I knew she would be a go-getter,” he said. “She is living proof as to the agility of a communications degree.

“She’s a great fit for the position.”