Campus Construction Projects Moving Forward


As students returned to campus last month, they couldn’t help but notice the various construction projects currently underway at the University.

“Three projects are ongoing at the moment,” said Vice President for Advancement Bob Crusciel.

These projects include (1) the renovation of the Immaculate Conception Chapel; (2) preliminary work on the Connors Family Fine Arts Center; and (3) the renovation of the Boiler House, which will become the new home of SFU’s Occupational Therapy Department.

According to Crusciel, the project closest to completion is the chapel.

Chapel renovations are being completed in conjunction with the 175th anniversary of the University. They include the installation of a new roof, construction of a bell tower, and the refurbishing of flooring, chairs and woodwork.

A stained glass window will also be installed in the chapel’s entryway and lighting and electrical systems will be updated.

The Connors Family Fine Arts Center will be located near the football field and will include the Resinski Black Box Theatre.

“Kenny Resinski was a Theatre professor at Saint Francis who passed away 10 years ago,” said Crusciel. “His wife, Bonnie, started an alumni grassroots effort to construct a theatre in his memory.”

The conversion of the Boiler House into the new home for the OT Program is the first of several phases of the “Sullivan Hall Project.”

Sullivan Hall, along with parts of Padua Hall, will ultimately become the hub for all the health science disciplines at the University.

Occupational Therapy major Taya Whitfield said she is “very excited for the new OT building.” OT classes and labs are currently conducted in Raymond Hall.

In addition to the changes planned for Sullivan Hall, parts of Padua will also be renovated. Plans include connecting Sullivan and Padua to the new “OT Building” via a sky bridge.

The stages of this project will be completed at various points over the next three years.

Renovations to the chapel are expected to wrap up by December and the target date for the opening of the Connors Family Fine Arts Center is August of 2023.

The OT Building is also expected to be completed in August of next year.