Nursing Program Introduces “Frankie’s WOW Nursing Award”


The “Frankie’s WOW Nursing Award” has been created by Adjunct Nursing Instructor Kara Coleman.

The award recognizes nursing students who exemplify excellence and those who go above and beyond for their patients, hospital staff and peers, or in the classroom/clinical lab.

“I wanted to give homage to our mascot, so I decided on the name ‘Frankie’s WOW Nursing Award,’” said Coleman.

“It’s a way for faculty, clinical instructors and hospital staff to recognize excellence in and out of the hospital/classroom. It’s a way to showcase all of the ways our students are going above and beyond to be that someone.”

Coleman believes that this type of recognition will encourage nursing students to continue to do their best in every aspect of their education.

Since the award was introduced in September, 15 nursing students have received the award. Recipients include Elizabeth Brock, Rachel McCready, Patrick Springer, Camille Lyter, Emma Olsen, Brittany Heckler, Paige Bacigal and Krysta Weik.

Their awards are on display in the student nurse lounge area on the second floor of Sullivan Hall.

“It was very cool to be among the first set of individuals to earn the award,” said Brock.

“My clinical instructor nominated me because I was a mentor to my peers while she was busy helping with the care of a patient.”