Decision 2020: LeBron or MJ?


Who is the greatest basketball player of all time: LeBron James or Michael Jordan? 

After James won a fourth NBA title earlier this month with his third team, this question is once again front and center in the sports world.

National disagreement abounds on who the GOAT is. All the way down to the Red Flash men’s basketball team.

“Jordan is better than LeBron because he is more valuable in the clutch,” said freshman Jeriah Coleman. The Business major from Anchorage, Alaska, also believes that Jordan played in a more physical era in the NBA.

Zahree Harrison, a freshman point guard from West Philadelphia, believes that James is the GOAT. “He scores, defends, rebounds, and always finds the open teammate,” said the Communications major.

For Maxwell Land, a freshman from Cincinnati, Jordan tops the list. “Whenever you think of basketball, the first player you think of is Michael Jordan. He was ahead of his time.”

Junior team captain Myles Thompson gets the last word. His vote goes to James. “He was so good that he didn’t even need college.”