Challenges of Completing Coursework From Home

Quiet Campus in Loretto


Over the last month, students have transitioned from in-person classes on campus to virtual classes in their homes. This transition has affected the lives of many students, families and faculty members.

Some students live across the country.

“I have to wake up at 6:30 a.m. for my 9:30 a.m. classes because of the three-hour time difference,” said junior California native Kelly Brown.

Meeting the responsibilities of a full-time student while working from home has been challenging for many Saint Francis students.

“The time management needed at home versus at school is completely different,” said Bryce Laskey, a sophomore MIS major. “I have more responsibilities when I am home.”

Seniors weren’t given the chance to finish their last semester of college with the lifelong friends that they have made over the last four years.

“I don’t get to feel that it’s ending,” said senior nursing major Andrew Hulsman. “I never really got to say goodbye to friends I’ll probably never see again.”

While most feel disappointed that they will not be in Loretto for the rest of the semester, there are some upsides to working from home.

“I got to celebrate Easter with my family for the first time in two years,” said Brown.

“I’ve been able to learn at my own pace,” said Laskey. “Whether that’s four assignments in one day, or more spread out.”

“I’ve had time to start training for a half-marathon,” said Hulsman.

For everyone, this transition – coupled with the fears, anxieties and uncertainties surrounding the pandemic – has been burdensome in one way or another.

We at the Troubadour hope to see everyone back in Loretto very soon.