Enactus Members Attend Fall Collaboration Summit in Pittsburgh


SFU Enactus members attended the 2019 Enactus Fall Collaboration Summit on Oct. 5 at the University of Pittsburgh. The goal of the event is for Enactus members to evaluate projects, network, attend a career fair, and collaborate with other teams.

At the first of four sessions, Enactus representative Chloe Shuck informed the teams on the updated Enactus presentation criterion. This information helps team members understand what type of material they should present at nationals and how the presentations will be evaluated.

“To be able to attend the summit and see the criterion updates first-hand is extremely important so we are able to stay up-to-date with all the presentation requirements and suggestions,” said SFU Enactus team co-captain Emily Pollack.

Enactus teams split up for the second session, with one addressing social media tactics. In this session, discussion centered on how to use Instagram to feature projects, members, events and ideas. The other session focused on evaluating current projects on where they fall in the new criterion: social enterprise, community program, strategic project and/or charitable.

Following session three, a question-and-answer session was hosted by company executives. This session consisted of a career fair and one-on-one conversations where members practiced selling themselves and their skills.

“It is incredibly fascinating to see everything that goes into Enactus and what all they offer to their members,” said freshman Sam Crider.

“As a first-year Enactus member, this gave me a true sense of what Enactus is really like.”