Chemistry majors present at Pittcon

Chemistry majors present at Pittcon

Six chemistry majors attended the Pittsburgh Conference and Exposition (Pittcon) in Philadelphia from March 17-21.

Seniors Tanner Yawitz, Hannah Boyd, Jessica Schulte, Kayla Grasso and Megan Snider and junior Michelle Karpinsky assisted with conference registration, the technical program and the exposition floor.

Pittcon is an annual conference and exposition that focuses on laboratory science. Attendees include those who work in industry, academia and government and included people from more than 90 different countries.

Each SFU student had an assigned day and time to assist at the conference. During their down time, they talked to other presenters about their research.

On March 20, the SFU students presented their own undergraduate research posters. Their topics included electrochemistry, ocular cancer drug research, atomic force microscopy imaging with calcite, acid mine drainage and research on cataract prevention.

“We were surprised at how many people came up to talk to us,” said Boyd. “It was cool to see other projects too.”

Chemistry professor Rose Clark also presented at the conference. She discussed outreach efforts by the Society of Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh (SACP).

Clark also presented the Pittsburgh Analytical Chemistry Award. She is the chair elect of the SACP.