Makeover of JFK to begin soon


Frankies will have a “new look” by the start of the 2019 fall semester, as the University plans to add several different dining options to the lower level of JFK.

“Renovations are to begin in April,” said David Williams, SFU’s Director of Physical Plant. “The bookstore will be renovated as well.”

A survey of the SFU community was conducted in 2018, asking the students what types of cuisine they would like to have available on campus.

The new food court will include “Mongolian Grill,” which will serve rice and noodle bowls with meats and veggies; “Salad by Design,” which is a make-your-own salad stand; “Cinco Cantina,” which will offer Mexican cuisine; and Frankies as it currently exists, which will offer pizza, burgers and fried foods.

University administrators reviewed the survey data, which was collected and presented by SFU’s Student Government Association (SGA).

“On behalf of the University and SGA, I will be sending out information during the first week of February on the official closing date of Frankies and the options that students will have for late-night dining for the last month of school,” said SGA president Teresa Narduzzi.

Narduzzi, along with other SGA members, endorse these renovations as practical and important changes.

“The renovation process has been a very long, extensive one,” said Narduzzi. “It is over a $3 million renovation.”

The University has been working closely with Williams and Matt McQuaide, the lead architect on the project.  McQuaide is a member of the architectural firm of Kimmel-Bogrette, a company located in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, that is teaming up on the project.

“The projected date for the closing of Frankies is April 1, but that is subject to change, so don’t spend all your flex dollars too fast,” said Narduzzi.

“There will be opportunities for students to use them toward the end of the semester as well.”