New dining options announced at Town Hall

Danielle Gryckiewicz, Assistant Editor

The Student Government Association (SGA) announced the possibility of new dining options at their annual Town Hall meeting on Wednesday November 12, 2014.

Looking into the future SGA hopes to improve student meal plans by possibility creating a roll over plan; whatever meals you don’t use will carry over into the following week. Additionally, SGA is still looking into adding new food options such as Shop24 which is a vending machine that offers more than a regular vending machine.

SGA also announce initiatives that have been put into place such as bi-monthly pay day, a revised SGA constitution which include the number of senators that could be present at a meeting, and being active in posting minutes online.

SGA also reminded students of the services currently available to students, Red Flash DVD, charging stations, air pump station, ATMS (located in JFK and Torvian), ice skating rink (skates are available for free), and the tubing park.

This was the first Town Hall meeting that Fr. Malachi Van Tassell, T.O.R., attended. He opened the meeting with a prayer and speech.

Fr. Malachi Van Tassell thanked all the students for attending the presidential inauguration. Saying it was “touching on a personal note,” to see all the students at the inauguration.

Additionally, the president stated that he is impressed with the amount of leadership and initiatives that students at Saint Francis University take on.

The meeting consisted of an annual review in which SGA sponsored numerous events including: the Annual Leadership Conference with the theme of Speak the Truth, third annual Student Involvement Awards, iLead Speaker and presentation on Students Fight Back in Social Situations.