Famous YouTube blogger attends SFU

Danielle Gryckiewicz, Campus Life Editor

Saint Francis University’s student body includes one famous YouTube blogger Matthew Crawford.

To many he isn’t known as Matthew Crawford, but instead Tekking101, which is his famous YouTube Channel.

Crawford’s YouTube Channel is reviews of chapters of particular comic book series. He releases at least one main video per a week, but will try to get out as many as three a week.

Crawford started his YouTube channel in 2009, and since then has established 13,500 followers.

“I never expected to get as successful as I did,” says Crawford. “It doesn’t really have any meaning.”

According to Crawford the videos that made him successful were ones he started creating in 2011, and by 2012 Crawford was getting paid for his videos.

His reviews are referred to as “Bleach” which has been in serialization for over 13 years; it includes approximately 600 chapters. Crawford started reviewing at chapter 450.

“I do the reviews in a comedic and satirical fashion,” says Crawford. “I talk about the plot of the chapter, how it adds or subtracts to the story and what new revelations have been made.”

However, Crawford notes that his videos take more of a comedic element. He says that even though he adds a comedic element, he puts more attention on sketches and engaging the audience.

Crawford has always been interested in comic book series and was inspired by other bloggers to start creating his own videos.

“There are many other people on the internet that do similar videos on much bigger scales,” says Crawford. “I took my inspiration from many of them.”

Some of Crawford’s favorite aspects of being a YouTube blogger are coming up with new ideas and trying new techniques.

“Even if they don’t always work out the way I plan, it’s fun just to brainstorm and tests my limits,” says Crawford.

Crawford is from Clover Pennsylvania and is majoring in communications.

To see Crawford in action, visit his YouTube site at http://youtube.com/tekking101 




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