College ‘burn book’ explodes overnight

Yik Yak app gains user traffic on campus

Danielle Gryckiewicz, Campus Life Editor

A social networking app escalated quickly overnight in the Saint Francis University community.

Yik Yak is a free app that allows individuals who have the app to post anonymously about anything and everything they want. The app takes your current location and provides the user with a live feed of what people are talking about in the surrounding area.

Some people compare this app to the Burn Book in Mean Girls. Posts are not just directed at students but also directed at Saint Francis University staff members.

Some posts on Yik Yak are extremely derogative, and inappropriate.

“I just knew SFU couldn’t handle Yik Yak,” said one Yik Yak user.

The app itself does not promote negative posting.  Users agree to the rules and regulations upon downloading the app.  The number one rule states, “You do not bully or specifically target other yakkers.”

Although some of the posts are negative, some Saint Francis University Yik Yak users are using the app to express their opinions.

“Biggest pet peeve: when girls let their doors slam,” said one Yik Yak user.

Another user posted, “Armando needs to DJ the next SFU dance!”

Sports teams are also taking advantage of the app to get more attendance at games.

“SFU men’s soccer @ Penn State tonight 7p.m., be there,” posted a Yik Yak user.

Some arguments of the app is that it is another outlet to cyber bullying. Saint Francis University is not the only college that has seen derogative and inappropriate posts on the app.

One college athletic coach even banned its sports team from using the app because of the effects that it could have.

Many of the people who write reviews for Yik Yak see the app as harmless, and a daily dose of entertainment.