Student brings native culture to Torvian

Danielle Gryckiewicz, Campus Life Editor

Last week student Bader Abdulaz Alshaya from Saudi Arabia took over Torvian’s Bravisimo and cooked a dish for the Saint Francis Community.

After getting the green light from Chef Armando, Alshaya went ahead and made the community Kapsa – a Saudi Arabian dish.

“I called my sister in Saudi Arabia and asked her to remind me how to prepare the recipe,” said Alshaya.

Kapsa is the main meal in Saudi Arabia which is made usually after midnight when nothing else is open except your home kitchen.

“Each family can do it in different ways with different tastes,” said Alshaya.

The one that Alshaya made consisted of rice, chicken, vegetables and different spices.

Alshaya’s favorite part about this experience was seeing people coming back up for more.

“I was glad to see my teachers, friends, and also others students whom I never met enjoyed it

the same way I did,” said Alshaya.

Alshaya gives thanks to all those who helped make this happen. He enjoyed the experience as it made him feel at home.

“Being far from home is a whole different subject that needs more than a recipe to describe,” said Alshaya. “But the chance to bring my home here, or at least the feelings, was a great experience for me that I truly enjoyed.”

Torvian welcomes others to follow in Alshaya’s footsteps.

“Students can help cook if they bring a recipe from home and are willing to help Armando,” said Assistant Director of Dinning Services, Maureen Malloy.

Recently, Torvian dining hall had a surprise inspection performed by the Department of Agriculture. Torvian is proud to announce that there were no violations.