Investment Club more than triples earnings

Danielle Gryckiewicz, Campus Life Editor

Starting off with a budget of $10,000, the Investment Club currently has a balance exceeding $32,000. By managing a portfolio of stocks, the members of the club have more than tripled their gains through carefully investing.

The club has watched their stocks fluctuate over the years.  One stock in 3D printing company, DDD, is already up 42% from merely a few months ago when it was purchased.  Other stocks, Apple Inc. and Under Armour, are up 500% and 600%, respectively, over their purchase price.

The club has invested time and money into a portfolio of stocks including 3D Systems Corporation, Boeing, Apple Inc., Fastenal, Proctor and Gamble, SPDR and S&P Homebuilders ETF, Jensen Quality Growth Fund Class J, and Royce Pennsylvania Mutual Fund Investment Class.

According to the president of the Investment Club, junior finance and accounting major Marc Maruca, the Apple stock is a major portion of the club’s portfolio. The Investment Club is considering selling it in order to diversify the club’s portfolio.

“My favorite thing about the Investment Club is the freedom and laid back nature of it,” said Maruca. “Anyone is free to suggest new investment. It is very welcoming.”

The Investment Club is one of three academic clubs within the school of business. Dr. Margaret Garcia, Associate Professor of Finance, is their primary advisor; the officers of the club consists of president Marc Maruca, vice president Zach Vigneault and secretary Sarah Magaro.

Ted Long a Saint Francis graduate and a local bank donated the seed money to turn the idea of an investment club on campus into a reality.

The Investment Club has set some big goals for the future. Although inactive for several years, the club has made a comeback this year. The three main goals are to continue to grow the portfolio, promote awareness and attract new members.

Maruca believes that the club has a bright future.

“I feel in the past the club hasn’t been big around campus and not very many people knew too much about it,” said Maruca. “This year we have all new members and new officers that are excited and dedicated to help the club continue its success.”

The club plans to grow their portfolio by expanding into different industries.

“We are looking to find quality energy stock, possibly in the oil market,” said Maruca.

After Spring Break, the club will be hosting an online stock game through Participants will use virtual money to invest in stocks. After a month, those students with the most money earned from their investments in stocks will be eligible to win prizes.

For more information on how to get involve, contact the president of the Investment Club, Marc Maruca, at