What’s on Your Bucket List?


This Monday, April 24, is “National Bucket List Day.”

A “bucket list” is a list of experiences or accomplishments that a person wants to enjoy or achieve in his or her lifetime. It includes goals, dreams and aspirations that an individual hopes to fulfill before they “kick the bucket.”

Bucket list items typically range from travel destinations to personal challenges, career aspirations, or simply trying new activities. Creating a bucket list serves as a way to motivate oneself, prioritize goals and make the most out of life.

“I would love to spend a week backpack fly-fishing in the Midwest,” said Matt Hankinson, an Instructional Designer in the CETL and adjunct faculty member in the Communications Program.

“It would be a challenge to try to live off the land for a week.”

Shauna Abair, a senior from Florida, would like to travel to Paris.

“I have seen many videos about it and the food and ambiance of it really attracts me,” said Abair.

“I have also never been out of the country yet, so it would be a very exciting thing to do.”

Kelly Dowuona, a freshman from Brampton, Ontario, said she wants to visit Australia.

“This country is on the top of my list because they have so many different animals that they do not have in other places in the world,” said Dowuona.

Bente VandePutte, a sophomore from Belgium, wants to take a bit of a longer trip than Abair and Dowuona.

She wants to travel to outer space.

“I would love to become an astronaut because I am very interested in space,” said VandePutte.

“There is so much still unknown about it.”

Tops on sophomore Tom Schellbach’s list is not a destination to visit, but an achievement to work toward.

“I would like to complete a marathon or triathlon,” said the Communications major from Germany. “It is something that I just want to have done once in my life, to know how it feels.”

Nagisa Miyake, a junior from Japan, has an activity and a destination for the activity at the top of her bucket list.

“I want to do a bungee jump in New Zealand,” said Miyake. “I have seen it on TV so many times and it looks thrilling.

“I want to know the feeling of the rush of adrenaline going through my body.”

Samuel Ghigiarelli, a 2022 SFU graduate, wants to learn something new.

“I would love to learn scuba diving,” the Brazilian said. “It seems so fascinating to be underwater with all the fish and to be able to get really close to them.

“I would also love to scuba dive into old boat wreckages with fish and coral in them.”