Students Prep for Final Exams


With the spring semester drawing to a close, students are preparing to take their final exams.

During the University’s final exams period next week, many students will take two to three tests. This requires plenty of studying, but also good organization and a plan to be as prepared as possible for each exam.

“Students should develop a schedule for studying, blocking off specific hours each day for studying for each exam,” said Associate Professor of Communications Kelly Rhodes.

“Not everyone learns in the same way, so be sure to study using methods that are effective for you and for the content.”

It is important to note that there are different types of learners and each student has his or her own way of remembering things and preparing for exams.

“I can remember things best when I have a picture to go with them, so I usually watch videos on the subject or look at statistics on it,” said Victor Camps, a senior from Belgium.

Some students find it easier when they listen to the content, while others prefer to write information down in order to commit it to memory.

“It is my second final exams week and I definitely have to make a schedule this time, because I started too late for the final exams in the fall,” said Joel Aschenbroich, a freshman from Germany.