Students Looking Forward to Summer Break


With finals week almost here and the calendar about to turn to May, many students are turning their attention to their summer plans and activities.

“My high school friends and I plan on spending a week at a lake house in Maryland,” said freshman Luke Lamb.

Lamb said he plans to purchase a new Canon camera to capture the week on the lake.

“My family and I stay with my grandparents, who live in Savannah, Georgia,” said Meghan Roach. “We travel to the beach, which helps with the intense heat.”

Summer break also affords students the opportunity to pursue various internships, or earn a little extra money at a part-time job to help pay for college.

“I plan to continue working at 2nd and Charles (a book store) in Harrisburg,” said freshman Anna Phelan. “I enjoy working there because we sell things I’m interested in such as video games, books and vinyl records.”

Travel is on the list of things to do for freshman nursing major Kateia Priel.

“Aside from my job at TJ Maxx, I’m excited to travel to different cities such as New York, Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C.,” said Priel.

Junior English major Ethan Eckenrode’s commute won’t change when the semester ends.

“I will be working at SFU’s Laptop Help Desk, located on the first floor of the library,” said Eckenrode.