App notifies students when laundry is finished


*credit to Laundry Alert

New Laundry Alert system allows students to track laundry progress.

Gone are the days when students had to wait impatiently for their peers to remove finished laundry.  No longer are students pained with carrying their dirty clothes flights of step, only to find all the machines are full.  Continually checking the status of laundry isn’t necessary anymore.

A new app allows students to track their laundry, including available machines and time remaining.  Students are then notified when their washing or drying machine’s cycle is complete.

As of the spring semester of 2014, all the dorms have been updated with new laundry systems. The laundry systems have the latest technology and the best IT solutions.

The laundry systems connect with an App called Laundry Alert, through which Saint Francis University has created three apps – one for Android, Apple, and all other phones.

“The Department of Residence Life is committed to serving the students to the best of our ability and doing whatever it takes to ensure that they enjoy their living environment,” said Director of Residence Life, Don Miles. “So when something as convenient as Laundry Alert comes along we are more than happy to make it happen for them.”

Laundry Alert makes it easier for college students to do their laundry! Students can download the app on their phones by searching laundry alert or visiting To sign in, students must select their university and use the password goredflash. If no machines are available, clicking Let Me Know (located on the left) allows students the option of receiving an e-mail or text message notifying them when the next machine is available.

If students are experiencing difficulties locating the site, they can also log onto The Laundry Alert tab is under the resources section of the current students page. Students will automatically be signed in and ready to use the website.

The laundry systems in the dorms of Saint Francis have been developing over the years. Originally students had the hassle of searching for quarters to operate the machines; now they have the option of doing laundry for free. Then the school became environmentally friendly by switching the dryers to gas.  And now, the school has provided students with the opportunity to be even more efficient with their time by being able to see exactly when a laundry machine is available to them.