Locker Room for Commuter Students Now Available in Padua


The University’s Student Government Association conducted a formal ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Commuter Locker Room in Padua 113 on Feb. 17.

The locker room provides commuter students a secure spot to keep their belongings, such as books, bags, coats, musical instruments and other items.

The lockers can be opened with the students’ ID cards.

“It’s a great idea,” said Ekaterina Priel, a commuter student and nursing major. “Especially when I don’t want my stuff to freeze or melt in my car.”

Previously, commuter students often had to tote extra items around campus that they might need later in the day. Now these items can be stored in the Padua locker room.

“I struggle to find a safe place to put my instrument while in class, so this helps a lot,” said Olivia Baird, an SFU commuter and member of the marching band.