Communications Students Collaborate with Small Business Development Center


The Communications Club is working with the University’s Small Business Development Center in an effort to help promote area businesses.

In collaboration with the SBDC, the club plans to create podcasts and other promotional content for selected companies from around the area that share what they have to offer potential customers.

Senior Communications major Dasha Kirby is one of the leaders of the initiative, as is SBDC representative Terry Anderson.

“I have been wanting to find opportunities for Communications students to get real-world experiences and we also wanted to create a co-curricular organization for our majors, too,” said Kelly Rhodes, an Associate Professor and Chair of the Communications and Criminal Justice Department.

Other individuals involved in the collaboration include Matt Hankinson, an Instructional Designer in the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning who also teaches in the Communications Program, and Julia Willason, a Communications major who works for the SBDC.

“Initially the SBDC came to me looking to borrow some equipment,” said Rhodes. “Through some discussions, we found that there were opportunities to do so much more.”

According to Kirby, as the club evolves, its members plan on creating visual graphics for area companies for promotional purposes.

“The big picture is to provide not only small businesses with resources, but also to supply tips that they can actually use to start, manage and grow their businesses,” said Kirby.

Students interested in joining the club do not need to be Communications majors.

Club meetings are currently held every Tuesday at 12:15 p.m. on the third floor of Schwab Hall.