Fellowship of Christian Athletes Hosts Fall Festival


The Fellowship of Christian Athletes held its first Fall Festival on Oct. 13. Organizers hope the event will “open the door” to students on campus looking to find a relationship with God.

The festival included a bonfire and yard games.

“Being able to have our fall festival was a great opportunity for us to get together and enjoy each other’s company,” said Katie Hammaker, one of the supervisors of FCA.

Hammaker has been a primary reason for the growth of the University’s FCA chapter over the last three years.

“It’s been incredible to see the group grow from a few tables to filling the Stokes-Twyman Room,” she said.

FCA’s mission is to help student-athletes grow in their faith with God by creating opportunities for them to relate to each other and share their struggles.

While FCA started as an organization to help student-athletes, any student on campus is welcome to join the group at its weekly Wednesday meetings.

Senior Kyle Simmonds has served as an FCA leader during his time in Loretto.

“FCA permits students to relax and ease their minds,” he said.

“It is easy to get overwhelmed with practices, meetings and an endless schedule, but FCA allows us to let all of that go and enjoy fellowship in God’s presence.”

Simmonds said that FCA has the power to connect students to a greater purpose in life other than stressing and worrying about sports.

Hammaker and Simmonds both noted that FCA welcomes people of all different backgrounds to get involved with the group.