Friars Offer Lenten Reflection Series


Campus Ministry is providing the University community with a weekly Lenten Reflection video series in preparation for Easter.

“We had the idea of doing something for Lent for our campus community and this is the project that we settled on,” said Fr. Stephen Waruszewski. 

“The goals of the reflection series are very simple. We provide a short video that reflects upon an aspect of Lent and opens up people to reflect upon that aspect,” said Waruszewski. 

“We hope that the videos provide an opportunity for people to have something to pray about, or personally reflect upon, as we go through the Lenten season.”

Each video in the reflection series is less than three minutes. The videos range in content from explaining the day’s Gospel to discussing weekly themes, such as joy.

Waruszewski believes the timing was right for this project.

“I find this reflection series especially good, given the pandemic,” he said. “I think most of us have had time during different parts of this pandemic to reflect upon aspects of our lives and the important things in life. 

“A reflection series like this can help give that opportunity, in a short and receivable way, to reflect on matters of faith.”

Campus Ministry hopes to continue the reflection series beyond Easter. Waruszewski said that there are plans in place to pivot the reflection series following Easter into a video series centered on faith in people’s day-to-day lives.

“I have appreciated the positive feedback that I have received from members of the SFU community,” said Waruszewski. 

“I believe that videos like these help nurture the Franciscan character of our University.”