Lenten Season: A Time for Reflection and Growth


The Lenten season began on Feb 17. From now until Easter Sunday, April 4, many people on campus and in the community will spend time reflecting on their faith and their lives. 

Lent also aligns with the arrival of the spring season, a time to refresh from the long, cold winter months. 

To many people, the 40 days of Lent will be spent giving up something they love, trying something new, going to church more often, and not eating meat on Fridays. 

Some of these actions can be as small as giving up chocolate, or as big as volunteering for community service. 

“During Lent, I want to try and reflect on my life day to day,” said Mackenzie Boland, a sophomore health care management major. 

“Sometimes I neglect to be grateful for the small moments.”

Ashley Lafferty, a member of the track and field team, said she will be doing core workouts twice a day to guide her through the Lenten season. 

This period of self-awareness provides an opportunity for individuals to reflect on their everyday choices and habits. 

Not only is this a time for reflection for those who are spiritual, but it can also be practiced by anyone who wants to improve their mindfulness skills.

“It’s always good to think about how you can grow as a person, whether that is in faith, in yourself, or in your relationship with God,” said the Rev. Jason Wooleyhan, who works in the Center for Student Engagement.

“In these 40 days, it is a time for reflection.”