Students Weigh in on Polarizing National Issues

Students Weigh in on Polarizing National Issues

The presidential election is not the only hot-button topic currently on the minds of Americans. Troubadour editor Marina Misitano went afield to see how our student body feels about other polarizing issues facing the nation:


Sheets or Wawa?

Lucy Marrone – Wawa

“Wawa has better food and the people always hold the door.”


Fall Semester or Spring Semester?

Kelly Brown – Fall Semester

“I love fall and all the holidays!”


In-Person Classes or Zoom Classes?

Mark Kirk – In-Person Classes

“I feel as though you have a better educational experience and learn more.”


Beach Vacation or Camping Vacay?

Olivia Catalone – Beach Vacation

“I like the sunshine and the ocean.”


Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts?

Caroline Ribich – Dunkin Donuts

“Starbucks is too expensive.”


Netflix or Hulu?

Marina Misitano – Netflix

“I feel like Netflix has a better variety of documentaries and movies.”


Cat or Dog?

Lauren Hutt – Dog

“My dog, Mila, is the cutest little pup I know!”


McDonald’s or Burger King?

Anthony Trgovic – McDonald’s

“Better food all around.”


iPhone or Android?

Yanessa Shabbick – iPhone

“The iPhone has a better-quality camera and better features, like iMessage.”


Ketchup or Mustard?

Ellie Szekeresh – Ketchup

“Not too much, though!