STEAM Summer Academies Return in 2020


Formerly called the STEM Summer Academies, the STEAM Summer Academies will be returning to campus from June 27- July 17. 

The one-week academies are for current high school sophomores and juniors. SFU professors run the academy with the help of student mentors. These students mentor high schoolers and are responsible for assisting professors during lectures and labs, helping students with homework, and leading after-school activities.  

Programs that will be offered include digital forensics, aviation, chemistry, exercise physiology, engineering and psychology. The participating high school students live on campus during the camps and participate in class and lab work, as well as real-world projects, presentations and field trips. 

The newest academy is the “Find Your Voice” academy rand will be run by STEAM faculty members Brennan Thomas and Grant Julin. 

During this new academy, students will learn how to use the tools and techniques of professional speakers and writers to speak and write effectively about topics of interest to them.

High school students receive two college credits upon completing a summer program. They can also be eligible for a $4,000 scholarship if they are enrolled in a qualified major within the STEAM/Health Science programs at SFU. 

“Academies give high school students an opportunity to take responsibility for their actions and their education” said Lanika Ruzhitskaya, Director of the Science Outreach Center. 

“During one week, students learn how to budget their time: from getting up on time, to completing classwork by the end of the day, to finishing homework assignments, and to finding time for some fun in the evening.” 

Beth Warner, an Administrative Assistant for the MECS Department, also helps to coordinate the program. This year, Michael Sell, the Program Coordinator for the Science Outreach Center, will help in promoting the academies. 

Also involved with the Summer STEAM academies is Kourash Barati-Sedah, who helped set up the registration application, as well as the Admissions and Enrollment Management offices. 

“From each one of my academies, several students have enrolled at Saint Francis,” said Associate Professor of Biology Irene Wolf. 

“They truly enjoy their time spent on campus and within the classroom and laboratories during their summer academy experience.”

Assistant Professor of Psychology Shlomit Flaisher-Grinberg said there is something for everyone at the academies.

“From psychophysical data and brain dissections for individuals interested in neurosurgery and neuroscience, to psychopharmacology for individuals interested in nursing, medicine, pharmacy, etc., to animal interactions, for individuals interested in ABA therapy, animal training and rehabilitation,” said Flaisher-Grinberg.