Donut Heaven Tradition Continues


Donut Heaven is the one event each semester that will drag students out of their study hibernation and into the cold. Long lines formed by the myriad of students at Torvian Dining Hall is a tradition, and Sunday’s opening night was no different.

“During a depressing episode of studying for all your finals, Donut Heaven is the perfect break that all of us need,” said Jill Scott.

Courtesy of SGA, Donut Heaven has been a tradition at the University for the past 30 years, with an estimated 3,000 donuts consumed every year over the three nights. Professors and faculty serve the donuts to the students to help alleviate the mounting stress of finals week and to show appreciation for their hard work.

“Donut Heaven is my favorite time of the year,” said Erin O’Neill. “You get free food while studying for your finals.”

Last spring, students celebrated Professor of Chemistry Pedro Muiño’s 100th time serving students at Donut Heaven. Muiño invented the term “Triple Play” for students who order all three of the offered donut variations. The word has quickly become part of Donut Heaven’s legend. 

On Sunday night, Professor of Physician Assistant Sciences Thomas Woods proclaimed “welcome to Heaven” while handing students their donuts.

“Forget about each test, one scoop of ice cream at a time,” said 2020 Class President Emily Graziano as people entered the dining hall.