Enactus Members Help Area Jobseekers


Enactus, a business club on campus, is busy planning its community outreach efforts for the semester.

There are 33 chapters of Enactus around the world. Each chapter conducts a specific project each school year, one intended to help individuals in its community.

SFU’s Enactus project this year is called Uwork, which is an acronym for “Workforce Opportunities through Research and Knowledge.” 

There are three branches of Uwork: community outreach, high school outreach and prison outreach.

Uwork’s community outreach program was launched in January 2019 and targets high-risk jobseekers. SFU Enactus hosted different sessions, including social media literacy training, business etiquette presentations and resume and cover letter lessons to educate individuals on how to position themselves to get back in the workforce. 

In addition to community outreach, Enactus is proud to announce the expansion of the Uwork initiative into high schools and prisons.

“It will help us reach more people and individuals who need it most,” said senior Greg Heider, vice president of Enactus.

At the end of each academic year, Enactus teams from all over the nation meet in Kansas City, Missouri, to present their projects and compete against other teams. Last semester, Uwork won a national award for community engagement at the national level.

Nicole Bauman, a co-advisor of Enactus for 14 years, said she has seen many students involved in Enactus get real-world experience that has led them to internships and job opportunities.

Enactus meetings are held in Schwab 102 at 12:15 p.m. every Tuesday. All are welcome.