Six new members join University Board of Trustees


Saint Francis has announced the addition of six new Board of Trustees members, all of whom have started four-year terms this fall.

Trustees are tasked with furthering the mission of the University.

“A trustee shall, at all times, embrace Franciscan values, be interested in higher education, support Catholic values, and continue to preserve and develop the mission of the University,” said the Rev. Malachi Van Tassell, SFU president.

“A trustee is expected to become knowledgeable in all aspects of the University, including its governance, mission, strategic plan and programs.”

It is also a trustee’s responsibility to promote SFU favorably to alumni, prospective families, donors and other friends of the University.

The new members of SFU’s Board of Trustees include Frank Pasqualone, the Rev. Luke Robertson, Terri Polley, Joy Thoma, James Takacs and Michael Walker.

New members are typically voted on every July. The new trustees’ first board meeting was in October.

While 60 percent of the current membership of the University’s Board of Trustees are alumni, this is not a requirement.

To be chosen, an individual must encompass the Franciscan spirit of SFU and want to positively promote the University.