Changes coming to JFK


The Saint Francis Student Government Association (SGA), in cooperation with University officials, conducted a survey regarding meal offerings at SFU last year.

According to SGA officials, as a result of the findings from this survey, there are plans to renovate JFK.

These renovations include the addition of a food court area.

“I think the renovations are great,” said Nick Mauro, the parliamentarian of SGA. “I think it is a much needed process. It has been overdue.”

The renovations will begin in the spring 2019 semester and the food court will open in the fall of next year.

Members of SGA and many in the student body are excited about the food court project.

However, the idea of going the entire spring semester with only Torvian available as a food option concerns some students.

“We already don’t have a lot of options. Eating at Torvian for every meal for an entire semester will make me want to go off campus for more and more of my meals,” said Elana Benninghoff, a sophomore psychology major.

“That’s a lot of money I wouldn’t prefer to spend, considering I have already paid for swipes.”