Greek Week underway

Saint Francis’ Greek Week officially began March 19 with Greek football games being played at DeGol Field.

Greek Week runs from March 19-24, with various events at different locations.

Events include dodgeball, football, volleyball, basketball, backyard games and Greek Sing. All events are designed to help members bond with their fraternity and sorority brothers and sisters.

The winning fraternity and sorority will earn Greek Week trophies.

“It brings everyone together and unites Greek Life,” said Phi Delta Kappa sister Rachel Marrow.

At press time, Phi Kappa Theta led the fraternities in the various competitions while Phi Delta Kappa led the sororities.

“Heroes are remembered, but legends never die … and I plan on being pretty legendary,” said Alpha Phi Delta brother Kevin Charney.

Greek Sing was conducted on Tuesday, dodgeball on Wednesday and basketball (fraternities) and volleyball (sororities) on Thursday. Basketball (sororities) and volleyball (fraternities) events are scheduled for Friday.