New leadership takes over RED Radio

Eloa Coralina Nascimento, Reporter

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RED Radio has some new faces this semester, and that includes the club’s president, where Lindsey Miller takes over for Dustin Williams, who graduated last spring.

Miller, an Arts and Letters major who also carries minors in social work and communications, has hit the ground running.  She has been busy recruiting staff for the station and recently oversaw a successful fundraiser.

“Working with people at the station has been a lot of fun and I am always meeting new people and hearing new music,” said Miller.  “There are a lot of freshman that joined and are interested in radio.”

Miller said she is excited to work with her team in coming up with new forms of entertainment for the station to bring to the campus community.  She said that “Metal Mondays” has emerged as one of the station’s most popular programs this semester.

“Lindsey is doing a great job as president,” said Kent Tonkin, the station’s faculty advisor.  “Any student interested in being a part of RED Radio is welcome to join.”

RED Radio is located on the top floor of Schwab Hall.  The station, which is a Student Government Association-funded club, has served the Saint Francis community since the 1970s.

The SFU Communications Department uses the station for its audio production courses.

“Students learn how to use a radio board and how to write commercials and news for radio,” said Donna Menis, the chair of the University’s Communications Department.  “They also learn radio production techniques that become more advanced in the upper-level courses.”

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