Rent-A-Puppy raises money for Humane Society

Kayla Rice, Reporter

Three puppies visited the Saint Francis mall on Sept. 26.


Molly Latoche, philanthropy chair of Omega Zeta Nu Sorority, organized the event.  The sisters brought three puppies to campus.


Latoche is a junior transfer student at SFU and in her first year as philanthropy chair with Delta Zeta Nu.


“Talking about rescuing animals is one thing, but actually seeing them and helping out is another,” said Latoche.  “With the animals actually here, it’s more likely to have a better turn out.  Plus a lot of kids have pets at home and they’re probably starting to get home sick, so it’s nice to give them a little break.”


For two hours, students relieved some stress by playing with the furry visitors.


“Everyone was all smiles, running around with the three little guys,” said education major Kelsy Pielmeier.  “They’re just so cute.  It made my day to play with them.”


Senior social work major Kayann Mobley also enjoyed the play time with the puppies.


“I have a lot of tough classes this semester, so I’m glad they brought the dogs to campus,” said Mobley.  “I was kind of able to forget about all the tests I have this week.”


Katie is sister Nikki Renzi’s dog, Heidi is sorority advisor Anita


Omega Zeta Nu asked participants to donate a dollar to play with the puppies.


The sorority also sold T-shirts, with all proceeds going to the Humane Society.