Fine Arts, Education Departments Team Up with Museum to Create Mural


The Fine Arts and Education Departments have partnered with the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art (SAMA) to create a mural.

The work of those involved with the project is being guided by Hollidaysburg muralist Deb Bunnell. Upon its completion, the mural will be displayed on the first floor of Scotus Hall near the Education Department classrooms.

The mural will showcase STEAM topics with a focus on the themes of equity, inclusion, diversity and the arts.

“It was a great experience for our students to work with a professional mural artist and see what is involved in the creative process,” said Fine Arts Department Chair Jess Campbell.

“I look forward to more experiences like this for our students.”

Through a partnership with SAMA and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, the mural was part of a matching-grant program. This program pairs professional teaching artists with school and community organizations.

“Deb helped develop the ideas for all the classes involved and my class worked with her to create visuals to represent the ideas and suggestions,” said Campbell.

“She was instrumental in the design process by combining everyone’s ideas into one cohesive visual representation.”

Approximately 60 students worked on the mural.

Those most involved with the project were students enrolled in Campbell’s Art 300 course, with Shauna Abair, Emma Fleck, Luke Lamb, Lydia Mathews, Courtney Nave, Vanessa Peretin and Hayley Vandenbergh assuming active roles in seeing the project through to its completion.

SFU President Fr. Malachi Van Tassell, Vice President for Academic Affairs Mike McGinnis, and Dean of the School of STEAM Pete Skoner also worked on the mural with students during a “VIP Day” in late March.

Sophomore Physician Assistant major Emma Fleck said that project was both educational and rewarding.

“Working with Deb has been awesome,” said Fleck. “It has been really fun working with students from other majors to put this piece together.

“I am excited to see the final project. It will represent so many important aspects of our campus community.”

The mural will be unveiled to students, faculty and staff on May 3.