Tradition Resumes: Business Students Visit London Over Spring Break


After a three-year hiatus due to the global pandemic, students, faculty and staff members from the Shield School of Business returned to London for the 14th time during the 2023 Spring Break.

Twenty-four students, along with SSOB Dean Randy Frye, Professor of Accounting Jim Logue and SSOB Administrative Assistant Lianna Weir made the trip across the pond.

In addition to sightseeing opportunities, students who made the trip completed a course titled “The Role of Great Britain in the Global Economy” (MGMT 307). This hybrid course focuses on UK business and economics.

The learning objectives for this course focused on the aftermath of Brexit, the labor strife in the United Kingdom and the inflation that continues to adversely affect British citizens and business leaders.

“I decided to take the opportunity to travel with my best friends and explore a new place while also learning about international business,” said Elena Pontzius, a junior Business Analytics major.

The highlights of the trip included touring the financial district and Lloyds of London, as well as visiting the Bank of England and listening to a lecture delivered by Maurice Glasman, a Professor of Politics at St. Mary’s University.

Other highlights included a visit to Windsor Castle, a Jack-the-Ripper Walking Tour and a visit to the Tower of London. Members of the SFU travel party also attended two Champions Professional League soccer matches.

“My favorite part was the Tower of London,” said Connor Weaver, a junior marketing major. “It was amazing to see all of this history and see how it really set up London for success!”

Since the program began in 2007, almost 300 students have taken advantage of the opportunity to explore London and study various aspects of Britain’s business model. Funding for the trip is provided by the Dr. Albert A. Zanzuccki Endowed Chair in Business Administration Global Assistance Program.

“The trip is definitely worth it,” said Weaver. “I saw so many sights, loved the history of London, and the culture there is fantastic!”