Bell-Ringing Ceremony Celebrates New Bell, Chapel Renovations


The University held a bell-ringing ceremony on March 28. Those who attended the ceremony celebrated renovations to the Immaculate Conception Chapel, which will be completed in August.

The new bell that was rung on Tuesday will be placed within the Immaculate Conception Chapel Bell Tower when the renovations are complete.

“There is perhaps no better symbol for Saint Francis than the bell tower,” said sophomore Adrianna Boldizar. “It is a symbol of our University’s faith.”

Bells have long symbolized new beginnings and milestone achievements at Saint Francis. Traditionally, a bell-ringing ceremony takes place to welcome incoming students to campus each fall and there is a send-off bell-ringing event for SFU graduates each spring.

Construction will begin on the bell tower in May. The bell that will complete the chapel’s bell tower was originally purchased by the Rev. Christian Oravec, T.O.R., who served as University president from 1977-2004. The Franciscan friars donated the bell for the project.