Greek Meet-and-Greet, Round-Robin Draw Prospective Members


Potential new sorority members participated in the “Great Greek Meet-and-Greet” – along with a round-robin event – on Jan. 26.

These events are intended to share information with people interested in finding out more about Greek Life at SFU before rush events begin.

“Keep an open mind,” recommended SFU’s head of Greek Life Megan DeFrancesco. “It is a great community and there is something for everyone.

“Make sure to pick the chapter that is right for you.”

Sorority sisters talked to those looking to find out more about SFU’s Greek community at these events.

“I’m super excited for this recruitment season,” said Inner-Sorority Council President Elizabeth Baj. “A lot of sororities are doing different rushes for a variety of interests.

“Follow wherever your heart takes you and find your home.”

Greek community rush events will continue in the upcoming weeks. Bid Day for SFU’s sororities and fraternities is Feb. 16.