SGA Endorses Accessibility Proposal


At its Nov. 3 meeting, the SFU Student Government Association endorsed an “Accessibility Proposal.”

The Accessibility Proposal requests that measures be initiated to make the University more accessible for people with disabilities.

The requests range anywhere from short-term actions that can be achieved relatively quickly (and with little financial cost) to long-term actions, such as the addition of elevators to all residence halls, the JFK Student Center, and other academic buildings.

“While this initiative will come with a high price tag, as many of the buildings on campus are not currently fully accessible for persons with mobility disabilities or temporary mobility challenges, it is imperative to call on the University administration to make the changes necessary to make this campus accessible for all who wish to come,” said Class of 2023 SGA Sen. Alyssa Baxter.

“As it stands now, this campus is not physically welcoming to all, especially for those with mobility challenges. We humbly ask the administration to help rectify that issue.”

The Accessibility Proposal was likewise endorsed by Community Advocate Respect Educate Support (CARES), the Exercise Physiology Organization (EXPO), the Physical Therapy Organization (PTO), and the Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA).

“SGA endorsing the accessibility proposal is promoting more inclusivity for people that have a disability, whether they are a person with temporary or long-term disability,” said Anna Parrish, president of SOTA.

“I am excited to see the possible changes that could arise from this proposal and look forward to more growth in the campus community.”