Students Return from Study-Abroad Experience at Ambialet Campus


Seventeen SFU students, along with Religious Studies Professor Rosemary Bertocci and her husband, Francis Rohlf, recently returned to Loretto after spending the spring semester in Ambialet, France.

The group departed for Ambialet on Jan. 21 and returned on April 19.

Their primary location of living and learning on the trip was the University’s monastery in Ambialet.

The monastery is surrounded by hiking trails. The Tarn River is also nearby.

“The dynamic of learning was so different than what I’ve had before because of the place, people and culture,” said sophomore Business Analytics major Elena Pontzius.

During their stay in France, the group traveled extensively, visiting Albi, Toulouse, Carcassonne, Paris, Nice, Sète and other French cities.

They also journeyed to Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal during the three-month excursion.

“I learned how to use public transportation and learned how convenient it was,” said sophomore Kaitlyn Gannon.

The group toured many museums and landmarks, including the Coliseum in Rome and the Van Gogh Museum in the Netherlands.

“I have so much more appreciation for the world,” said sophomore Physician Assistant major Mackenzie Wisniewski. “I feel as though my perspective has been broadened.

“I think it’s very important to leave your hometown and explore the world. It changes your outlook on life.”