University Celebrates Healthcare Simulation Week

SFU celebrated healthcare simulation week from Sept. 13-17. Healthcare simulation week raises awareness of the importance of healthcare simulation and how it improves the safety, effectiveness and efficiency of delivery and outcomes.

The week also highlights the profession and celebrates those who work in it.

Throughout the week, students, faculty and staff were able to visit the Experiential Learning Commons to meet the “simulation family” and ELC staff and learn more about the ways in which simulation is beneficial to those in healthcare delivery.

“It was very rewarding to give SFU the opportunity to celebrate healthcare simulation week, as well as bring awareness to the importance behind it,” said Alexa Schmidhamer, a graduate assistant for the ELC.

To help other students learn about the ELC, Schmidhamer created Facebook and Instagram pages.

“I’d love for everyone to be able to see what goes on here,” said Schmidhamer.

Sophomore nursing student Mark Kirk took some time last week to visit the ELC and celebrate healthcare simulation.

“Alexa gave a great tour and presentation on it,” said Kirk.

For more information about the ELC, visit the SFU Experiential Learning Commons Facebook page or Instagram page – @saintfrancis.elc.