Partnership a Resounding Success: 20,000 Vaccinated on Campus Through Mid-April


SFU and Mainline Pharmacy’s collaboration to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine began on Jan. 19.

As of April 14, SFU has provided an estimated 23,500 vaccinations over roughly 20 clinical days, making it one of the area’s most successful vaccine distribution centers.

More than 1,300 volunteers and numerous other facilitators have made this vaccination initiative a success.

“The clinics have been wonderful, but I must admit they have been emotionally exhausting at times,” said Don Walkovich, Dean of the School of Health Sciences and Education.

“When we started the clinics, we saw people who had not been out of their homes since March of 2020.

“We heard many stories about how they had not seen family members or hugged their grandchildren in a year and now they will be able to do so. That was hard to hear, but rewarding at the same time because we were helping them to get back to some sense of normalcy.”

The SFU community – particularly those involved with the Nursing and Physician Assistant programs – has given graciously of its time, volunteering in various roles.

“Our faculty, staff and students have been wonderful,” said Walkovich.

“It is rewarding for me to see how they (SFU students) have grown. They are so professional in appearance, in greeting and calming participants, and in administering the vaccine. I am incredibly proud of them and of all our volunteers.”

Abbie Hutchins, a Physician Assistant major from Greensburg, is one of the students who has volunteered her time at the clinics.

“It’s been a great experience and something quite rare to be a part of,” said Hutchins. “I certainly feel blessed to be helping the local community.”

With both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines now being distributed, students and community members can choose the one they want through the Mainline Pharmacy website.

SFU will host three more clinic days before the end of April. Appointments can be scheduled via Mainline’s website.