Dance Team to Present “Dancing with the Stars” on Sunday


The Dance Team will be hosting its second annual “Dancing-with-the-Stars” event at the Stokes Center on Sunday, March 28, at 8 p.m.

The event will include all dance team members, as well as their “stars.” Participants in the event will be competing for the Mirror Ball Trophy.

The event will be the first public performance for the dance team in the 2020-21 academic year. Many of the team’s members will be dancing in front of an audience for the first time at SFU.

The dancers will perform three group dances, including jazz, hip-hop and contemporary.

The stars – members of various University groups and organizations and athletics teams – have been preparing with their dance team partners in preparation for their one-minute dance segments.

“Dancing with the Stars is a great event that allows the dance team to interact with other sports teams and organizations in a way that is fun and engaging,” said senior dance team member Kari Lagan.

“With COVID, there have been many changes. I speak for the entire team when I say we are all very excited and grateful to have our first performance of the season.”

Despite the challenges presented over the last year by the global pandemic, Lagan is appreciative of the opportunities that the dance team has afforded her during her time at SFU.

“It’s crazy to think that my time on dance team is coming to an end, but I am grateful for the experiences I’ve had and for the support this amazing team has given me over the past four years.”

The judges of Sunday’s Dancing-with-the-Stars competition will be Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Mark Buckwalter, Clinical Professor of Physician Assistant Sciences Jill Cavalet and Fr. Jason Wooleyhan.

“Dancing with the Stars is an event we have been looking forward to all season,” said Alexa Wharton, the Dance and Cheer Teams’ Coach.

“We are so grateful to host this event and anticipate a great turnout from our SFU family.”