Shields School of Business Announces Dare-to-Dream Award


Last month, the School of Business announced the establishment of the “Dare-to-Dream Award.” 

The award was announced on Martin Luther King Day, which was also the first day of classes for the semester. 

Each academic year, $500 will be awarded to a full-time undergraduate Black or African American student, or a student of Black or African American descent. The recipient must be working toward his or her degree in the School of Business.

“The award will be selected annually by the faculty and staff of the Shields School of Business,” said Randy Frye, the School’s Dean. 

Criteria include: 

  1. Exemplification of Martin Luther King’s values of service, equality, justice and selflessness. This includes kindness, a respect for others and the community, and a penchant to work toward and promote healing, empowerment, human dignity and faith. 
  2. Demonstration of a strong work ethic and commitment to education.

The awardee must be in good academic standing. Financial need may also be considered in the selection process.

“The award will be given to a sophomore or junior student every April, beginning this year,” said John Miko, Associate Dean of the SSOB.There is no application process.” 

Frye said that while there was no conscious intent to draw inspiration for establishing the award from last summer’s national social justice movement, he acknowledged that this event did provide “subtle influence.” 

“However, it was in the planning of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day program that the idea entered into our discussion,” said Frye. 

“We wanted to recognize Dr. King’s legacy and the hope of meaningful dialogue and social change.”

In addition to announcing the establishment of this award, the School of Business also hosted a “Dare to Dream” alumni panel session on Martin Luther King Day last month. 

“This was really a team effort of the SSOB faculty and staff to bring this award to life,” said Miko.

“So far, $2,500 has been pledged from SSOB faculty and staff, and we are expecting that to grow.”