Saint Matthew Investment Fund Surpasses $100,000


When the Saint Matthew Investment Fund was founded in 1992, it was initially seeded with two gifts totaling $10,000.  

The fund, which is overseen by the University’s Investment Club, recently surpassed $100,000.

Despite the pandemic, the Investment Club was able to grow the fund by 39 percent in 2020.  

The fund totaled $40,000 in 2017, when Jacob Wilson assumed the presidency of the club. 

In the last three years – under Wilson and current Investment Club President Kevin Smolyn’s leadership – the fund has grown by more than 150 percent.

“We wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without the help of all of our members and faculty advisor,” said Smolyn.

Margaret Kealey, an Associate Professor in the Shields School of Business, serves as the club’s advisor.

Members of the club regularly connect with alumni for counsel and the club has established a 15-member Executive Board consisting of SFU graduates. 

This board provides club members with career guidance and insight on the markets.

“Being able to watch the fund grow since I joined the Investment Club last year has been a great experience,” said Jackson Hoey, a sophomore accounting and economics double-major. 

“I have been able to use the skills I learn in class to help this club.”

In order to replicate a professional investment managers portfolio, club members have created an investment policy statement that helps them diversify the fund’s holdings.