SFU Participates in “More-Than-Just-An-Athlete” Campaign


Last week, Red Flash student-athletes participated in the NCAA’s “More Than Just an Athlete” social media campaign. This campaign aims to raise awareness of the uniqueness of every student-athlete beyond what they contribute in their sport.

“Being seen as just an athlete means that we are only useful when we are running, jumping or kicking,” said Kei-shon Graham, a junior football player from Philadelphia who was featured in the campaign. “Our only contribution to society is entertainment in the form of sport.”

Graham hopes that this movement is one that can shift the perception of athletes around the world. He believes that it is very dangerous to base perception of a person based solely on his or her athletic achievements.

“It is vital for athletes, especially black athletes, to be seen as people.”

Senior track standout Kiana Robinson agrees with Graham.

“There is so much more to a person than what they look like and what sport they play,” said the sprinter from Brookeville, Maryland. Robinson believes that it is important to look beyond the surface level when connecting with others.

“Simply taking the time to get to know someone can mitigate a great deal of unnecessary tension,” said Graham.

The SFU Athletics Department featured five student-athletes in the week-long campaign: Graham, Robinson, Kerstin Axe, Sophie Rice and Rosalinda Rivera