Students Weigh in on Favorite Thanksgiving Foods


With Halloween ending last weekend, everybody is looking forward to the next holiday, one that includes some of the best meals of the year.

There are lots of foods to choose from when you think of Thanksgiving. Certain families follow different cultures and rituals, so not everyone’s plate will look the same on this day, one full of family time and eating.

In a survey of some of our SFU students’ favorite Thanksgiving foods, several mentioned items that I didn’t even recognize.

Out of 25 students interviewed, 17 said that macaroni and cheese ranks as their favorite.

“Macaroni and cheese is a simple side, but it gets the job done” said Ronell Giles, a freshman from Brandywine, Maryland.

While macaroni and cheese led the race, green bean casserole came in a surprising second. Five students said that this was their favorite Thanksgiving food. Only three had turkey at the top of their list.

This was surprising: when you think of Thanksgiving, the first food you usually think of is turkey.

“Turkey only gets eaten by the older people,” noted one student.

While Thanksgiving is the next big holiday on the calendar, some students said they are already looking forward to Christmas.