Student Writing Novel on Racism’s Impact on Inner-City Children


Junior Kei-Shon Graham is writing a novel titled “Uniquely Generic.” His objective in writing the book is to educate others on the impact of racism on inner-city children.

Graham, a Psychology major from Philadelphia, hopes his novel will help give a voice to those facing racism in America’s inner cities.

“I’m writing it to portray life from the perspective of an inner-city youth,” he said. “Inner-city youth are labeled, but not listened to. We are labeled as thugs, criminals and delinquents, but few take the time to listen.

“If people would listen, they would find out that there is a lot of good and positivity in the inner-city.”

Graham wants to shed light on the multiple obstacles facing young people in inner-cities, as well as celebrate the success stories within these communities.

“There are many people who desire to, and are working to, better themselves,” the author said. “What people will also find out is that there are many issues that inner-city youth have to deal with, such as violence, poverty and bad influences.

“The effects of these issues are multiplied when you add the issues created by racism and classism. This novel aims to highlight the struggles, decisions and triumphs that make up the inner-city.”

Graham expects the novel to be released near the end of 2021. He’s been working on the project for roughly 10 months.