First Hike 4 Humanity a Success


More than 220 faculty, students and staff members participated in the first-ever Hike 4 Humanity on Sept. 25, spreading a message of love and togetherness on campus on a beautiful early-autumn afternoon.

The hike was organized and led by assistant men’s basketball coach Eric Taylor, and a second hike is scheduled for Oct. 8 at 12:25 p.m. The second hike will start at the University’s Bell Tower and end at the entrance to the JFK Student Center. It will take approximately 25 minutes.

The challenge issued by Taylor for this one is to bring a friend. He said he felt motivated to organize an event that would help unify the Saint Francis community.

“It was a lot about how I feel about the University and being an alumnus,” said Taylor. “It’s a good time to get the community together, from all races and cultures, to walk with each other.

“I did not know how many people were going to come.”

Hikers are asked to remain silent on the walks. The theme of the events is “A silent hike for the whole community. A hike for everyone. A hike for all. A hike to make a random friend. A hike to come together as one. A hike to wear your hiking boots.”

The first hike followed the Saint Francis Watershed Trail. The hike on Oct. 8 will be along the Grotto and the Limestone Castle Gardens.

“The Hike 4 Humanity was a huge success that promoted unity in a time when it’s most needed,” said junior Tyler Stewart.