Esports Teams Prepping for 2020-21 Season


The University’s Esports team conducted tryouts on Sept. 3 at the gaming arena in the lower-level of the JFK Center, and many aspiring gamers looking to make the team participated. 

“We were extremely excited about the turnout,” said Logan Huff, a sophomore Hearthstone Team member. “It’s awesome to see the growing interest for the program.” 

The Esports program will field teams in several additional games this year, including FIFA, Fortnite and Madden. 

The gaming arena in JFK is not only available to Esports team members. It is open to all students who want to hang out and play their game of choice. 

“I don’t think a lot of students know that,” said junior Overwatch Team member Miranda Snyder. “It’s super nice there. 

“It’s where I usually hang out whenever I’m on campus,” said the Duncansville native and accounting major.

The arena is open every day from noon to 11 p.m. It features 18 PCs and two Nintendo Switches. Due to COVID and social-distancing guidelines, not all stations are currently operational. However, the University is in the process of obtaining plastic dividers to increase consul availability.

The 2020-21 season begins this month. Prospective Esports students, and anyone else who wants to view the competitions, can stream the games at