Basketball Player Leads Voter Registration Initiative


Junior basketball player Ty Stewart has thrown into action his plan to get more students around Saint Francis registered to vote for the 2020 election in November.

Stewart, who has long been involved with social justice causes, and who has been active in this year’s Black Lives Matter Movement, believes that voting has become an urgent issue in 2020.

“I’m honestly not overly interested in politics, however I feel it’s important to understand the process, and for myself and others to play our parts to impact positive change in the country,” said the Silver Spring, Maryland, native who transferred to SFU from Binghamton in 2019.

“Voting is a step everyone can take.”

His efforts since students returned to Loretto a month ago have been extremely successful. With the aid of school officials and his coaches, as well as social media, he has been able to get the message to register to vote out quickly and effectively.

“We have challenged the Athletics Department to get every eligible SFU athlete registered to vote,” said Stewart. “This is something I’m confident we can do.”

Stewart is using his podcast “Jersey Talk” to spread the word about his voter drive. He also uses it to talk about sports and athletics on the high school, college and pro levels, as well as speak out against racial injustice in America.